Another set of demonic dark looking swords. The Stormbringer Twins mod for Skyrim comes in the form of 2H greatswords and 1H swords.

The Vicious Heart is a weapon mod for Skyrim Special Edition that is designed for vampire characters. But you don't have to be a vampire to enjoy this weapon mod.

The Silverdrift Lair is a dungeon in Skyrim Special Edition. The ruins are full of traps and infested with Dragur.

The Shimmermist Cave in Skyrim Special Edition is a cave crawling with Falmers. This is my first exploration video for Skyrim SE.

Skyrim Mod Type is a Japanese website with many different outfits and armor mods for male and female characters. This video displays some of the outfits from the website.

A sword mod with an edge for Skyrim Special Edition. A mod for those who love swords and greatswords with a beastly look to them.

First weapon mod I'm showcasing for Skyrim Special Edition. I love the bow the most out of this set of weapons. It's the reason I got this mod from the Skyrim SE Nexus.

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Need help with mods? Or are you looking for mods outside of the Nexus Mods website? My full playlist of videos from BitTube.TV should help you.

If you enjoy vlog videos with gameplay in the background based on the gaming culture, I have a playlist for that. My full playlist at the link below is from my BitTube.TV page.

If you missed out on the exploration gameplays for Fallout 4 on my channel, I have a playlist of all the gameplay videos from my BitTube.TV video page.

If you missed out on my Fallout 4 mod videos, here is a playlist of all the mod videos I made from my BitTube.TV page.

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