Did you know that there's a museum in Austin, Minnesota dedicated to Spam, and it tells the history of Hormel company, the origins of the canned product, and its place in world culture
Source: gestyy.com/eoqSbb

Did you know that after flying through a cloud of volcanic ash over Indonesia in 1982, a 747 lost power in all 4 engines?
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Did you know that the nudibranch species Elysia marginata has the ability to decapitate itself and regrow a new body from the head in order to get rid of parasites?

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The largest solid gold statue on Earth is a Buddha located in a temple in Bangkok

The seated figure is approximately 9,8 feet (~2,98 m) tall and weighs about 5,5 tons.

Source gestyy.com/ei97mc

Did you know that two men raised a lion in a London apartment, released him into the wild, went back a year later, and not only did that lion remember them, but he also loved them?

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Did you know that the name for nightingales has been in use for over 1.000 years?

It's recognizable even in its Old English form, "nihtegale", which translates to "night songstress".

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Did you know that the Vikings were warrior-poets, and poetry was considered a gift from Odin himself?

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Did you know that the US Air Force operates a small airline out of Las Vegas airport that has daily shuttles for workers to and from Area 51?
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Did you know that Godzilla's skin texture is inspired by the Keloid scars that grew on Hiroshima survivors?

Source: gestyy.com/ei7EvD

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