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Mega Donkey@bigbirdddonkey on twitter

@TonyStark ok keyboard ninja, just because you have an opinion and sharp words dosent mean you are right

@TonyStark that is the kind of answer I would have guessed you could have formed..bash me instead.. your great don't change babe!

@TonyStark i disagree sir, we are all screwed no matter who the current puppet in the big house is

@drq I have donated over $5,000 this year, might not sound like much but its 25% of my yearly extra money if you will

@crypto I almost puked because I sold 500,000 doge in 2018
I still kept 10,000 but......such is life

@crypto who knew doge would go up so high! I now know nothing of crypto or related values

@mogwai_poet oh my you shaved all the butter off of those poor irish people?

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